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TERT116228 Variant Screening Assay 20x, 200ul, allows detection of TERT promoter variants (C228T and C250T) in various types of biopsies.

TERT116228 Variant Screening Assay 20x, 200ul or made to order

SKU: TT11622802
  • Digital PCR assay for TERT C228T and C250T variants combines the 5’ nuclease chemistry of 6-fluorescein amidite and hexachloro-fluorescein with digital PCR methodology to provide a sensitive, wet-lab validated solution for quantitative detection of low-frequency mutant alleles in cancer detection.

    Optimized dPCR performance—wet lab–verified assays targeting specific cancer mutations

    High specificity—designed to block the wild-type and amplify only the mutant
    High sensitivity—detect and quantify rare mutant prevalence to ≤0.1%
    Cost-effective and convenient—single-tube format includes both wild type and mutant alleles

    Contents & Storage

    1 tube containing a 20X mix of pre-formulated assay. Store at -15 to -25°C.

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