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Our Services

01. Research services

02. Development of molecular assays

03. Project collaboration


Simple Solutions Integrates Creativity & Innovation.


Research Services

Provide services to accelerate discoveries of cancer research and propel translational development from the lab to the clinic.

Provide initial project design; subsequent DNA and/or RNA extraction from cells, FFPE, fresh frozen tissues and liquid biopsies; assays of qPCR, dPCR and Sanger sequencing and NGS, to final data analysis and presentation.

Inquire us for your needs.


Development of molecular assays

Offer and market a broad range of cutting-edge products to facilitate a definitive cancer diagnosis in an era of precision medicine.

Provide BRAF V600E assay, NRAS Q61K assay, NRAS Q61R assay,  HRAS Q61R assay, RET R475W assay, PIK3CA H1047R assay and TERT promoter variant (C228T, C250T) assay, et. al. for digital molecular assays of oncogene mutations and assessment of patient response to a treatment using a wide range of biopsies.

Please contact us for further information.



Focus on developing the knowledge and tools to accelerate precision cancer medicine by advancing early and definitive detection and driving the translation of cancer innovations in collaboration with our partners.

Genomic Applications Partnership;

Develop and apply a genomics-derived or genomics-enabling tool, product or process to accelerate early cancer diagnosis.

Please contact us for collaboration.

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